What time does the Ship Depart?

The Fantasy Boat starts for The Sunshine Cruise at approximately 12:00 p.m. ( midday ) or 2:00 p.m. ( 14:00 H ), please, double check the time as you will book a ticket. 

The Fantasy Boat starts for The Sunset Cruise at approximately 4:00 p.m. ( 16:00 H )

What time do we have to be at the Ship?

All Seafarers must be at the Fantasy Boat 30 minutes before Departure Time.

How much does the Fantasy Boat cost per person?

A. The Fantasy Boat Party costs 60 Euros.

How much are the Drinks on the Fantasy Boat?

Depending on what you are drinking the drinks range from 3.50 Euros to 4.00 Euros.

When is the Free Captains Cocktail Bar Open and for how long?

The Free Captains Cocktail Bar starts in the Last 30 minutes of the Cruise and remains Open till the End of the Cruise.

How long is the Fantasy Boat Cruise?

Fantasy Boat Sunshine Cruise sails – 4h 30min.

The Sunset Cruise ( subject to availability) starts on our sister ship called The Black Pearl Pirate Ship at 15:45, where we place our Fantasy Boat Pre Party for 1 hour with music, roast chicken lunch and free group photo. All seafarers are then walked over to the Fantasy Boat by approximately 16:30 to start the party until approximately 20:30.

Are there any Safety Rules to follow?

Yes there are Safety Rules implied, 

Firstly there are Safety Protocol Signs placed on all levels of the boat.

All seaferrers will be debriefed on when your allowed to jump off the Boat, where the Safest places are to Jump off the Boat once Docked.

Also Informed of where the Safety Aids are if needed and what to do in case of an Emergency.

What shall i bring with me?

Swimwear, Towel, Sunscreen, Money or Credit Card

Where do we find the Photos taken during the Cruise?

Our Photographer will upload all Photos from your Cruise to our Facebook page here: Fantasy Boat Party Photos

Also on our Great new feature on our Site here  Fantasy Boat Photos

Where can we find the Video Filmed on the Fantasy Boat?

The Video of Fantasy Boat Party will be uploaded the next day on YouTube here: Fantasy Boat Party Videos

Also on our Website here: Fantasy Boat Party Videos

What should i do if i Missed my Cruise?

If you had a bit of a hard night and didn’t manage to make it to your Boat Party, Don’t Panic we will Happily Transfer you to another day.

Speak to one of our Fantasy Boat Representatives.

Send a text message with your ticket number  (TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER)  to +35799408132

Please Note: Sorry we do not make any Refunds.

How will we know when the Captains Free Cocktail Bar has started?

Your Friendly Host will notify you when the Captains Free Cocktail Bar is prepared for you.

Your friendly Host will announce when your Cocktails are prepared for you.

Can we use a Credit Card on the Fantasy Boat Party?

The Fantasy Boat accepts All Major Credit Cards.

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