• Make sure you have your Boat Party Ticket in Advance to prevent disappointment.

• Everyone must be at the Ship 30 minutes before we Depart.

• If you are sensitive to motion sickness, either take a travel sickness tablet one hour before we depart or try to remain on the Lower Decks, Middle part of the Ship.

• The Closer you can get to the Ship’s center of gravity, the less you will sway.

• The Dress code is Board-shorts and Bikinis or Fancy Dress

• Don’t forget your Towel, Sun Cream and Money.

• Please have your Ticket at the ready when you arrive to the Ship.

• A Group Photo is taken before we depart.

• This Photo will be handed to everyone at the end of the cruise.

• Please take care of your own personal belongings, Try not to leave them unattended too long, as we are not responsible for any loss.

• Life Jackets are readily available for you to use if you can not swim.

• Don’t swim too far away from the Ship on Swim-stops.

• Never jump off the Ship until Instructed.

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