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Black Pearl Pirate Boat


FANTASY BOAT PARTY is an icon in Ayia Napa,operating the world's best boat party and having done so since 1993. We aim for a music loving multi national crowd each time we sail, with an even guy to girl ratio of party people.

The pre party starts at 4pm aboard THE BLACK PEARL PIRATE BOAT in Ayia Napa Harbour. Everybody is fed a ROAST CHICKEN,POTATO and GREEK SALAD MEAL whilst meeting and mingling amongst each other.

Captain Jack Sparrow hosts the pre party with the BLACK PEARL PIRATE BOAT STAFF laying tunes for an uplifting mediterranean party atmosphere!!!

A GROUP PHOTO is taken at around 5.30 pm of all party goers and is DISTRIBUTED FREE at the end of the evening.

Security and Fantasy party hosts then take the crowd to our three level Napa Queen boat!!!

The top level is a full on dance floor and bar featuring DJ and MC playing UKG/FUNKY HOUSE/ HIPHOP/ OLD SKOOL HOUSE/ RNB/ DRUMNBASS/ JUNGLE/BASHMENT and BREAKBEATS.

The middle level is a larger bar,dance floor and lounge area.

The lower level is toilets,showers,cabins and changing areas.

MARSHALL DJ's and Hosts each Boat Party with crowd involvment on party games and watersports. Always considered a highlight,we have THREE swimming stops into the mediterannean during the Boat Party. Look out for MARSHALL'S special GUEST ARTISTS throughout Summer 2017!!

Constable Cruise is our onboard party policeman and is Ayia Napa's most corruptable cop. He has the power to arrest and any party law broken is punishable with free drinks and possible handcuffing to the guy of a girls choice!!!!

FANTASY BOAT PARTY RETURNS at about 9pm to Ayia Napa Harbour where buses are waiting to take the crowd to the afterparty.

Included as an afterparty, FANTASY BOAT PARTY distributes FREE ENTRANCE TICKETS to Ayia Napa's Biggest Night Clubs to all guests onboard!!!

Every FANTASY BOAT PARTY is filmed and placed onto youtube,facebook and FREE OF CHARGE. On our facebook site,we place all of the photos free of charge taken each cruise.

DRESSCODE consists of boardshorts and bikinis,fancy dress,or pirate gear. Or simply your skin!!!!!

Look out for our ticket sellers in Ayia Napa,or at THE BLACK PEARL PIRATE BOAT in AYIA NAPA HARBOUR or PHONE/TEXT/VIBER/WHATSAPP or FACETIME for TICKET INFO +35799408132.