Maxwell D is a familiar name to many people from the Drum & Bass to the UK garage scene.

Maxwell was first introduced to music by his father, DJ Natty B from Choice FM. Maxwell used to perform at his fathers sound system gigs where he would MC and soon learnt the skills that he would use later in his career. It was the emergence of the Drum & Bass scene that captured the heart of Maxwell and his friends. “We used to sneak into clubs and watch the MCs; they inspired me to be something.” he said. He could chat to reggae dancehall, but realized a dream of being an MC could be reality through Drum & Bass.

His dream soon began to come true, Maxwell was in demand at every house party in his area and also many club events. He managed to get a slot on a pirate station, Rinse FM, with his friend, Nikki Slimting. Their regular hangout was the Orange Club at the Hippodrome and by 1997 Maxwell was a regular, on the Drum & Bass circuit.

In September 1999 Maxwell was introduced to Relentless Recordings who immediately noticed his talents and signed him to their label. Maxwell’s debut single “Serious” was released and tore up the UK Garage dance floors. It also successfully made it into the national UK charts. It all happened so fast for him, being a big name on the house & garage scene, to staring in his 1st solo music video, within a year and a half!

In 2001 he joined a group of friends Wiley, Target, Ace, and Plague and formed “Pay As You Go Cartel.” Their underground status was massive and their debut single “Champagne Dance” was signed to Sony music. It was a huge success reaching number 13 in the UK national charts by this time Maxwell was in high demand, he collaborated on a remix with Ms Dynamite and top selling international artist Ludacris, with his number one smash “Southern Hospitality.” Which he released on his UK edition album “Chicken and Beer.”Still in demand Maxwell was signed to EMI publishing, who sent him to work in New York with US producer Punch. Meanwhile back in the UK negative publicity meant Garage became unpopular in Clubs, so the scene began to loose popularity. Inward divisions caused the spilt of Pay As You Go Cartel and Maxwell D Returned to his solo career.Maxwell returned with the track “Reason” which talked about his situation and his story which It showed a more mature side to his music.

Maxwell reflects; “I began to concentrate on me” He wrote a song for his little sister called “I’ll be there”; which captured the hearts and souls of the people in the UK. In March 2006 he went on to release “Max is Back” which got him back in the scene. Maxwell D has gone through the highs and lows of life and the music industry and has come out the other side with his mixtape Misunderstood.

In July 2007 He hooked up with LA producer Ruwanga Samath on Myspace by chance and recorded an R&B track entitled “With You.” It was released on Channel U compilation album all over the UK. Since then Max and Ru have become very good friends. To the extent that Max flew over to LA to record a hot reggae dancehall album entitled “The real me.” He also appeared on the Kelly Rowland remix “Work it” produced by Birdcall productions.

Not only is Maxwell D a talented musician, he is also involved in a variety of organizations. He is a spokesman for “Kidscount” who raise awareness on gun and knife culture in society today. He recently spoke at a seminar with David Cameron leader of the Conservative political party in the UK, about strengthening families.He also regularly visits schools giving talks on issues of life & music, trying to put kids on the right path.

In 2011 Maxwel D brings out Blackberry Hype.

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